"Murals and Posters"

These Murals are in the Church Hall and were painted by Berne Marcollo.
Berne Marcollo was a prominant sign writer in the Bendigo region and many War Memorials were painted by him.
As well as here at EUC, he features in the local MUIOOF hall and as far north as Rochester.
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Berne Marcollo's signature (1908) was on one of the Murals

Some other signs are:
Each year, the Sunday School would put on performances.
Here are the banners for 2: "Get Real" and "Adrift".
The banners were often placed on the fence at Canterbury Gardens to publicise the performances.

On Saturday 16th October 2021, decendants of Berne Marcollo, visited Eaglehawk Uniting Church to see Berne's work.
From Left to right, great-grandson Jon Marcollo, grand-daughter Helen Rumbald, grand-son Peter Marcollo and his wife, Gwen.

While investigating the windows and memorials in the church, it was noted that Berne Marcollo was also the signwriter on the Church's main World War 1 Memorial.

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