Eaglehawk Uniting

Safe Church.

We have a responsibility to do all that we can to ensure that Eaglehawk Uniting is a safe place for all who attend here. As such we need to tell you that the law has changed.
Working with Children check.
From now on anyone 16 or over needs to have a 'Working with Children' card before they can lead or work with children.
Mandatory Reporting.
Legal changes have also been made regarding Mandatory Reporting. From the present time onwards anyone of sound mind over the age of 18 is mandated, that is, legally required, to report any noticed signs of neglect or abuse. We need to take this law seriously so if you are aware of any abuse or neglect of children you need to tell Rev Cynthia or one of the Elders and a report must be made to either the Police or Human Services. Rev Cynthia has experience with making mandated reports and can support you.
Ongoing information re Safe Church.
Church Council will be giving you information from time to time regarding what we need to do to ensure we have a Safe Church.

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