Mission Statement

Eaglehawk Uniting

Mission Statement:

Eaglehawk Uniting Church tells people about Jesus, everywhere. (Acts 1, verse 8)

It is a community of people:

* Believing a Jesus-centred faith for the 21st century;
* Caring for people and the environment;
* Gathering to celebrate life and faith in God;
* Learning and growing through sharing;
* Resourcing; making best use of what is available
* Supporting and initiating outreach locally, regionally, nationally, globally;
* Welcoming everyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age or status.

Believing :
* sharing the good news of God’s love
* in the value of each person and their place in God’s kingdom
* in the sustaining love of God in a world of many hurts

Caring :
~(for people)
* in our local community in practical ways through activities and programs
* in crisis situations
* through hospitality
~(for the environment)
* through taking ecologically sensitive initiatives to lessen our impact on our environment.

* regularly to celebrate God’s love and care for all people.
* in common interest groups to support and encourage one another.
* encouraging one another to grow in faith and our love for God.

Learning and growing:</