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Eaglehawk Uniting

WHEN: 4th Saturday every month: 9am-1pm
WHERE: corner of Peg Leg & Kirkwood Rd, Eaglehawk (Eaglehawk Uniting Church) Parking off Kirkwood Rd.
WHAT: mix of stalls - Growers/Producers; Makers; Direct Sales; Entertainment
*the Market will not operate on Fire Rating of Extreme or Code Red declared days

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Finding EUC:
Peg Leg Rd, Eaglehawk. parking is off Kirkwood Rd

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The Vision of the Eaglehawk Uniting Church (EUC) is for the Eaglehawk Market to provide a genuine service, social activity and pride of place for local residents, and an opportunity to support local producers, food vendors, makers, home businesses and entertainment acts.

The Eaglehawk Market is run as a program of the EUC. The Market Working Group is made up of Church members and co-ordinates the market in a voluntary capacity. The Market Working Group reports back to the Church Council of the EUC on a quarterly basis. All proceeds from the Eaglehawk Market stall-holder fees will be reinvested into outreach activities within the local community as determined by the EUC.

Customer Information

Criteria has been developed to reflect the vision of the Eaglehawk Market identified by the Eaglehawk Uniting Church. This will help you to decide whether or not the Eaglehawk Market is appropriate for you and your products or produce.

As well as quality, the mix and diversity of stalls at the market is crucial. For this reason, in any given month, stall holders will be selected so that an appropriate range and mix of food and products are on offer. This will benefit everyone.

The final selection of stall holders is at the discretion of the Eaglehawk Uniting Church, Market Working Group. Stall holders who live locally and meet the selection criteria below will be given preference for participation at the Eaglehawk Market. The more criteria that an individual stall holder meets, the stronger their application will be considered.

* Fresh produce sold by the person/people who grew it
* Growers providing seasonal produce
  • * freshly make items
  • * homemade products

  • Food Vendors (ready to eat):
  • * Use of locally grown or sourced ingredients
  • * Food that is not usually available in Eaglehawk

  • Crafts:
  • * Products that have a strong hand made or hand worked component
  • * Products that are unique and made in Australia

  • Direct Sales Businesses:
  • * Products not available in either department or specialty stores
  • * Independent sales consultants running a small business i.e. not an employee

  • Entertainment:
  • * Target audience of either children or families
  • * High level of personal involvement in the activity

  • Buskers:
  • * public performance in exchange for a donation

  • Not-for Profit Fundraiser:
  • * groups of individuals raising funds for a specific cause

  • Community Group:
  • * engaged with community activity/participation

  • Stall Holder's Information

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