(October 2020)
This should be read in conjunction with:
A Brief History of the Eaglehawk Uniting Church August 1996) by H Davey.

1. Communion Table originally from the East Church. Presented in memory of Mr Thomas Austin by his Wife and Son (Geoff) 20/3/1955)
2. Two Plaques: (1) commemorating gift of Jeanette Brokenshire to the Church, and (2) commemorating gift of Jean Shoosmith to the Church.
3. Stained Glass Window transferred from Yarraberb Church when it closed.
4. Leadlight Window from East Church presented by William and Fanny Bottoms and family.
5. Bible and Stand on Communion Table presented by the late Jean Cox in memory of her husband Fred on 19/5/1968. The figurine of Jesus, the Shepherd, presented by Della Belz from Op-shops.
6. Time capsule installed for the 150th Celebration on 13 April 2003. It is to be opened in 2053.
7. Bookstall presented by the Pearce family in memory of Bill's late wife Maud 6/11/1990.
8. Above door into Church, the Uniting Church Symbol (Blue Background), originally this hung over the Pulpit at the Cal Hill Church.
8a. Surveillance Cameras in Foyer and Church donated by Graeme and Ellie Davey.
9. Mirror presented by John and Peter Mulqueen (Funeral Directors)
10. Semi-circular table presented by Mr R H Trethewey MLC in memory of the Trethewey family 12/4/1953.
11. Hymn Book Stands presented by the Pearce Family 12/4/1953. (One now in The Library in the Foyer) The Stand displaying Photos on some of the Congregation.
12. Stewards' Tables (2):
The carved Table was originally the Communion Table from the Cal Hill Church.
The other Oval table was originally the Communion Table in the West Church.
13. Plaque to commemorate that the new Pews in the Church were in memory of the former Methodist Congregations in the Eaglehawk Circuit.(1993) The pews were built in Eaglehawk by Mr Stan Tobias in Panton Street Eaglehawk and the upholstery undertaken in Bendigo. The pews were constructed after extensive planning, research etc. and have been used as a model for other Church pews.
14. Heritage Trail denoting the history of the various Churches now represented in the Eaglehawk Congregation. This was collated by the late Harold Davey.
15. Library Book Case donated by David and Gayle Cay. Black Bookcases acquired by George Hein.
16. Two small wooden stands with artificial flower arrangements, situated near front and rear doors presented by Youth Club 20th March 1955.
17. Original Pulpit. This is the original pulpit that has been modified to be portable. The original position was situated where the Cross is now, with the Choir being in front of the pulpit. The Defibrillator is installed adjacent to the Pulpit.
18. "WELCOME" banner and a "TOGETHER" banner made by the Banner Making Group.
19. Fretwork of "The Lord's Prayer" crafted by Mr Richard Harvey Great Grandfather of Norma Major.


Nave - West Side
20. Window presented by the Winsor Family in loving memory of A & S Winsor.
21. Old Entrance Door presented by the Tippett Family 12/4/1953.
[Above the old Entry Door is the previous Sound Room that has been replaced by the Multi-media station.]
22. Window in memory of the S & C Carpenter presented by J.H. Webster.
23. Window presented by the Rule Family in loving memory of W Rule.
24. World War One Honour Board - Capt W Symons VC winner listed in the first column, third name down.
25. Window in memory of S Richards by the Family
26. Banners - "Living Legend" and "Celebrate Jesus" were made by Olga Grenfell.
The "Living Legend" banner was originally situated in the Sunday School and presented by Olga in thanks for the lovely times she had as a Scholar.
27. Window in memory of J & J Ellis and family presented by S & E. Richards.
28. Artificial flowers donated by Eaglehawk Floral Boutique (Major Family)
29. Pedestals (2) presented by the W. H. Harvey and Family. 20/3/1955
30. Banners - "Pray Always", "Give Thanks", "As for Me and My House", "New Life" and "Set Free" made by Banner Making Group. West Transept
31. Window presented by the Wearne Family in memory of T & T Wearne.
32. Window presented by the Davey Family in memory of S Davey.
33. Window presented by the Hocking family in memory of E & A Hocking.
34. Ronisch Piano originally from the East Church and has been rebuilt.
35. Yamaha Electric Keyboard presented by the David and Lorraine Thurwood (nee Richards) in memory of Almond and Ruby Richards purchased in 2018.
36. Lantern overhead. This used to be where the eternal light is and was donated by Mr Stanley Elliott a well-known Melbourne Organist who was also a former organist of this Church and St Paul's in Bendigo as well as being only one of a few people accredited to play the Organ at the Melbourne Town Hall. The Lantern was dedicated by the Rev. John Hull on the 12/12/1950 and switched on by his nephew Brian Davey. It is in memory of Stan Elliott's brother Abe Elliott who was Choirmaster for 38 years, Abe's wife Lila Elliott, organist for 15 years and Mrs Elliott's sister Clara Thomas who was organist for 38 years.
37. Multi-Media desk. This is where the Data Projector / Power Point programs are managed from and above is a Braemar Air Conditioner.
Sanctuary Area
38. Window in Door presented by Bill and Rose Bullock, inspired by a visit to eastern Europe.
39. Communion Rail. Made by Eric Rosewarne for Centenary 12/4/1953.
40. Illuminated Cross presented by the Straub family. The two Carved Chairs either side of the Cross have been in the Church since the beginning.
41. Communion Table, originally from the West presented by the Manderson Family for the Centenary 12/4/1953.
42. Eternal Light presented by the Davey Family in memory of Thel and Harold Davey. The Plaque was unveiled by their Grandson Andrew Davey and the Light first turned on by their granddaughter Krista Davey on the 20 August 2000.
43. Liturgical Banners made by Olga Grenfell. These are changed to mark the various seasons of the Church year.
44. Tapestry of the Last Supper by Leonardo De Vinci - presented by Marj Richards from Mildura and the late Nilla Francis, a long serving member of this Church.
45. Bible Stand from the East Church. Bible presented by the Intermediate Endeavour in 1944.
46. Kneeler Cushion for use mainly at Weddings presented by William Farmer, Funeral Director.
47. Window in Door made by Rose Chapel Leadlight. Presented by Bill and Rose Bullock in memory of Bill's mother & father.
48. Lectern presented by Janice Austin and family in memory of the late Geoff Austin, organist at the East Church. Small Oval Table beside the Lectern holds Water Set etc.
49. Baptismal Font - Originally from the East Church and presented by the Girl's Physical Culture Class of 1945.
50. Liturgical Candle stand donated by Margaret Ashman.
East Transept.
51. Lantern Overhead presented by the Ashman Family at the Centenary 12th April 1953.
52. Window presented by the Murdoch Family in memory of W & M Murdoch.
53. Window listing previous Ministers up until about 1920.
54. Window in memory of the Boys from the Church who were killed in World War One.
55. Banner in front of organ: "Glory to God" made by Banner Making Group. Ornamental table by Organ.
56. Concorde Electronic Organ. Made in Italy and based on a Pipe Organ. The sound from the Organ comes from the Old Choir Loft. The Choir Stalls are around the Organ.
57. Choir Conductors Stand presented by Mr Abe Elliott 12/4/1953, at the Centenary.
58. Musicians Stand and Banner - on loan from the Rev Paul Blacker.
Nave - East Side.
59. Window presented by the Trustees in memory of R Coakes.
60. Window presented by the Thomas Family in memory of J W & E Thomas.
61. Window in memory of E P Williams presented by M Pascoe.
62. Window presented by the Elliott Family in memory of G M & S H R Elliott. (Killed in action at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915)
63. Window presented by the Leggo Family in memory of W & E J Leggo. [Leggos Brand of foodstuff has a connection with this Family.]
64. Sound and Video recording station. This was constructed in 2010 as OH&S issues prevented use of the original areas above the old Entry Doors on both sides.
65. Old Entry Door presented by the Stephens Family.12/4/1953.The other door was provided by the Church Trust.
66. Doll's House presented by Marlene, Janice and Dianne Ashman to the Sunday School. It was originally their Doll's House.
67. Three Windows were presented by J L & S A Hicks in memory of A & A E Hicks.
68. Ceiling Electric Fans presented by Pierce and Olga Grenfell. The Air Conditioners were installed about 2002 from Church Funds.
69. Painting of Mary and Jesus painted by Debbie Wallace (nee Walker), as part of her Post Graduate Degree at La Trobe University and presented to the Church in memory of her mother, the late Judy Walker and father Darrell Walker. At Advent / Christmas the painting forms the centerpiece of the Christmas display above the Cross situated at the front of the loft.
Vestry and Choir Loft
70. Memorial Plaque was transferred from the Nerring Church and is in memory of Cordelia Daly a well- known Family of Nerring/Woodvale.
71. The two framed Presentation Photographs were presented to -
(1) Brother John Ellis by the members of the Society Class as a token of love and esteem October 1888; and
(2) Alfred Winsor on his departure from Eaglehawk by members of his Society Class as a token of esteem and Christian love. (Date difficult to read.)
72. Window in Vestry in memory of Clara Thomas who was organist from 1913 until 1951,a total of 38 years.
73. Window in Vestry presented by the Choir for the Centenary 12/4/1953.
74. Vestry also contains one original wooden Pew from the Church, a Modern Pew and a Sunday School padded Form or seat. Archives Filing Cabinets donated by Al and Rebecca Pata.
75. Stairs to the Choir Loft. Originally the Choir was situated in the loft. Later they were relocated to the front where the present Communion Rail is and then in the 1960's, they were moved to the East Transept.
76. The present Choir Loft now houses the Speakers for the Electronic Organ.
77. In the Vestry, there is an Electronic organ donated to the Church by the Boyle family in memory of Patricia Anne Boyle and Elva Isabel Boyle 15th November 2009.
78. First Window going up the stairs was presented by the Ladies Guild for the Centenary on 12/4/1953.
79. The Tall window was presented by the Murdoch Family.
80. The third window was presented by the Ladies Guild.
81. The window on the West side was installed by the Church Trust at the time of the Centenary 12th April 1953. Text "O Send out thy Light"
82. The window on the East side was installed by the Church Trust at the time of the Centenary 12th April 1953. Text. Jesus said "I am the way".
83. The Bell Tower. Originally located near where the entry to the Car Park now is and relocated to present position in the late 1960's. The Bell Tower itself was made by the Late Harold Holt (not the past Prime Minister!) The Bell was rumored to originally be the first Fire Station Bell in Eaglehawk before being bought by the Church but this has not been substantiated.

Sunday School Hall.

84. This Hall was originally one huge Hall with a permanent Platform at the carpark end being for Anniversaries. Underneath was a Kitchen, Meeting Room and Library.In the 1950's the Platform was demolished and replaced by a Stage, Meeting Room, Larger Kitchen and Storeroom. Around 2000, the stage was demolished and replaced by a large Meeting Room, New toilets, and Storage Cupboards.
In 2020, approval has been obtained from Synod to renovate the hall with funds from the sale of the Tennis Courts in Haggar Street. This project will include construction of Store Rooms for Op Shop and General store with the former Op Shop Store Room to become an Office and small Meeting Room. The other 3 Rooms and Foyer to be renovated for Food& Care Program. Funds will also be available for upgrade of Multi Media facilities in the Church as well as the Air Conditioning of the Foyer and Hall.

85. Honor Board for World War 1 Soldiers from West Sunday School.
86. Honor Board for World War 1 Soldiers from East Sunday School.
87. Various Sign Boards from the annual Musicals that took place at the Church from the 1980's.
88. Wooden Cross on Wall was made by the late Albert Roy.
89. Lipp Piano. This piano is of a high quality and a similar model is in the Eaglehawk Town Hall.
90. The Murals on the walls were paintings by Bernie Marcollo. They were painted directly on to the Mural background. "That our Sons may be as plants grown up in their Youth", is located on the wall nearest where the boys sat (Caldwell's Road side) and was donated by a family that had all sons.
91. Mural "In the hand no price I bring, simply to thy Cross I cling". This represents the Bible Study and Fellowship Groups.
92. Mural "What will thou have me to do? For me to live is Christ" This represents the Endeavour Society.
93. Honor Roll of previous Sunday School Superintendents. Below is a Fan which was transferred from the former Op Shop in Sailors Gully Road.
94. Mural. "Daniel would not defile himself with the King's meat nor with the Wine" This represents the Band of Hope group (a Temperance organisation)
95. Mural. "That our Daughters may be as Cornerstones polished after the simultude of a Palace". This is located on the side that the girls all sat and was donated by a Family that had all Daughters.
96. There are two Soccer Game Tables (Action and Smoby) The Table Tennis table was donated by Yvonne and Brian Davey. The leather Lounges were donated by Pierce and Olga Grenfell with the Couch donated by Rhonda and Les Dean. The Drum Kit was donated by Noel and Lorna Thomas. The TV and Stand was donated by Graeme and Ellie Davey.
97. The room on the right of the "old" entrance (from inside), is the Food & Care facility and includes and several Freezers and refrigerators etc. and contains several Fridges and Freezers.
98: Of the two rooms on the left of the "old" entrance (from inside), one is the Office and houses the Photocopier and Freezers (2), The other is used by the Op-shop as a store and also houses Banners made by the Banner Making Group including one made by Stephanie Hein: "Rise up like Eagles".


99. The Notice Board at the Front of the Church has a base made up of four Foundation stones that were transferred from the old East Sunday School before it was demolished. They read:
Stone 1. This stone was laid by R Sugget Esq. September 23rd 1885.
Stone 2. This stone was laid by J J Hall Esq. M.B.C. September 1885.
Stone 3. This stone was laid by the Rev Michael Clarke October 1st (the year is not visible)
Stone 4. Anno Domini 1872.
100. The Notice on the Front of the Church at the very top, which is now no longer needed, and is very faded, reads "West Methodist Church Estab. 1853".
101. On the east side of the Church there is a Play area for young children used mainly by the Playgroup. This was an idea by Yvonne Davey and Carolyn Jennings and became a reality with some funding from Empowering Eaglehawk.
102. Storage Shed contains various old artifacts including one from a Christian Endeavour display, as well as a store for the Church and Op-shop.